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Ironflag builds a metaverse platform that provides data distribution and publicity value by integrating data distribution functions in the virtual reality space through GIS MAP. Users enter the virtual reality space By doing this, you can check the data distribution status of the unit, and you can experience a new value investment service by acquiring data distribution compensation through NFT purchase according to the data distribution rules for the space. Companies can experience a new value investment service. You can experience the promotional effect through data such as information and distribution of units in the platform in the space. Meet our Iron Flag metaverse platform. Reality through a pleasant experience in the virtual world You can create a high publicity effect for the space.

Data Normalization

An information item can be defined based on data standardization. Inefficient operations such as data mapping or changes between systems can be kept to a minimum. It can be checked quickly and accurately.

Data Management

Manages the overall picture of the data. Clearly define data items to improve data identification and understanding and manage all processes from creation, change to destruction.


Provides accessibility and management convenience by providing a web-based user-friendly UI/UX. It provides various convenient functions such as various OS and WAS support.

Data Lineage

It is possible to extract source data by linking the data of the store unit with its own platform.


MA-EUL Verse

Metaverse Agency to Enjoy User Land

Bluetooth, gyro sensor, Rf, motion recognition sensor-based user recognition and motion recognition interlocking

Auto-Dynamic (Void Tracking) Crowd Movement System Unreal Plugin

Digital twin-based image-based real texture conversion and 2D drawing automatic recognition

Based on Hololands 2 More than 98% of images Recognition matching technology

Marking for haptics (tape, color, specific shape) recognition system

Haptics for metaverse ( 31 pose control) recognition technology