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IRONFLAG Game Platform builds a game finance platform by publishing games developed in-house and outsourcing together. IRONFLAG Game Platform enables item trading between games and It can be exchanged for tokens, and by building its own NFT marketplace, you can freely trade items and characters of games belonging to the IRONFLAG Game Platform in a P2P manner. Based on the corresponding game token, IFGC (IRONFLAG Game Coin), we provide a financial product (GameFi) that allows you to invest in new games through IFGC, continuously play games in the game ecosystem, and make NFT-based piece investment in new games to be launched.

Publish NFT

Users can choose between fun and investment through NFT issuance, such as items generated in each game, to realize profits or invest in pieces for the next work.

Piece investment product

Through NFT or IFGC acquired while playing the previous work, players will be given the opportunity to invest in their next work piece by piece, giving players an edge in gameplay released in the IRONFLAG Game Platform ecosystem, aiming to realize value Investors who play the game can experience value returns from the success of the game.

NFT Marketplace

You can freely trade tokens or NFTs generated in the game P2P in the self-built NFT marketplace to experience value conversion between games.


Players can swap goods or items between each game to change the game, and investors can break boundaries through value conversion, and participants can experience the connectivity and expandability of the IRONFLAG Game Platform.