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MetaFi-MA-EUL Verse
Create various values through the convergence of Metaverse, NFT, and DATA.
Experience the data of various units participating in the village bus ecosystem.

MA-EUL Verse is a financial service that provides data information used in real life through the Metaverse environment, like a village bus that circulates around where we live, and can be converted back into real value. It is a blockchain-based platform that provides. It is provided based on GIS Mapping.

This is a metaverse agency service platform that provides user-secured local enjoyment within a virtual reality environment.

Eunpyeng-Gu D.A.N.

Digital Twin Map that forms the actual value of Eunpyeong-gu NFT according to the amount of data used actually serviced in Eunpyeong-gu after the village bus

A new innovation in metaverse finance Use the evolved metaverse finance service.

My new financial service begins, MA-EUL Verse, an innovative metaverse financial platform that connects each other beyond the limits of time and space and finance.

Play MA-EUL Verse beyond space

Play MA-EUL Verse beyond time

Play MA-EUL Verse beyond limits